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Paulmartstore was started to sell toys at reasonable prices. Selling toys for over 15 years online on Amazon and Ebay. We also can be found at Frank and Sons Collectable Toy Show in City of Industry, California.  Please like us on Facebook page paulmartstore to get new updates on new releases.

About us



Paulmartstore started out as a kidding around name for a company I wanted to sell toys. In 2000, I wanted an resell my toy collection online and had to think of a cool name.  Since most of my friends and family joked that if you wanted a toy, Paul's store would have it.  So it evolved into Paulmartstore. 

  • Grew up loving toys and became a collector as an adult who now enjoys selling hard to find toys at reasonable prices.
  • Located at Frank and Sons Toy Show in City of Industry California Booth 513, Local Conventions, SDCC, Long Beach Con, Comickaze, Wondercon.
  • Been in business for over 16 years.
  • Contact information- email paul@paulmartstore.com  Phone: 951-544-2540
  • Facebook- Paulmartstore  
  • Shipping is determined by USPS according to current rates.